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Surroundings and hiking

Orava castle:

This landmark of Orava region situated on the rock cliff above the Orava river is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved castles in Slovakia.Its first written reference dates back to 1267.You can currently see expositions of Orava museum in the castle.For more detailed informacion,please see 


Forrest narrow gauge railway in Oravska Lesna:

It served as railway for wood transportation but currently it is an attraction for tourists.Its construction started during the WWI. and was put into operation in 1918.It was linked by 5 deadcentres with Kysuce logging railroad in 1926.Such kind of railway can be seen only in South America.For more detailed information,please see Section Oravska Lesna zeleznica at 


West Tatras-Rohace mountains:

Rohece mountains offer possibilities of hiking for more or less demanding tourists at the space of 400 square kilometres.The highest peak of Rohace mountains is Bystra,2248 metres above sea level.The most popular tourist resorts are Zverovka and Oravice.


Open-air museum of Orava village:

Museum was made accessible to the public in 1975.It lies at the space large 8 hectares with cold brook in the middle.Visitors can see residential as well as agricultural buildings,sacral buidings and objects of Orava craftsmen which were here relocated from the Lower,Middle and Upper Orava.Dominant feature of the museum is church of St.Elizabeth in late Gothic style from Zabrez constructed in the 15th century.For more detailed information,please see 


Rafting at the Orava river:

You can try rafting at the Orava river.For more detailed information please see 


Wooden Gothic Church:

Church was built without any nail in the first half of 15th century.It was awarded a prize by Europa Nostra organisation and in 2008 it was added to the list of the World Curtular and Natural Heritage UNESCO.For more detailed information please see Section Culture at 


Demänová caves:

They are located in Demänová valley.There are two of them.First Demänovská Ice caves is 1975 m long With beautiful ice decoration.Second Demänovská cave of Liberty is 8126 m long With beautiful limestone decoration.Both caves belong to the longest cave system in Slovakia.For more detailed information please see 


Juraňová valley:

One of the most beautiful valley in Slovakia.Its mouth is formed by 1 km long passes.Its typical feature is distinctive canyon.In the past wood was transported through canyon over 1-kilometer long wooden bridge.its remains are still seen at present.It is simple undemanding hike suitable for families with small children.


Orava dam:

It is the largest water reservoir in Slovakia with surface area of 35 square km.There are several resorts for water sports such as water bikes,boat trips to Slanica Island where tourists can visit Museum of Orava gallery with collections of folk art.For more information please see Section Slanický ostrov at 


Other attractions:


-rides on carriages,in winter on sledges

-rides on(army)tank




Meander Park Oravice:

Aquapark Meander park is located at the foot of West Tatras-Roháče,near the border with Poland.You can experience swimming in thermal water as skiing.Ski slopes are located close to the pools with thermal water and attractions such as toboggan,artificial waves,massaging jets,pearl baths.Fot more information please see 


Thermal pool in Oravice:

This pool opened year-round is the only pleace in Orava with natural thermal water with temperature varying from 34-38 grades.This sulphate-calcic-magnesium water with high level of iron has positive impact on health condition.For more detailed information please  see Section Oravice at 


Aquapark Tatralandia:

It is the largest water site in Slovakia at the area of 7 hectares.It offers 3 pools and 5 toboggans opened year-round.Its healing water has positive impact on locomotor and respiratory system.For more detailed information please see 


Aquapark Bešeňová:

This aquapark offers 7 pools and 3 toboggans opened year-round as well as massaging jets,pearl baths,saunas,restaurants and many other attractions.Water has wholesame impact on urologic system and psyche. 





Ski resort with 7 ski slopes,1 chair lift,3 ski tows,4,9 well-tended tracks.There are also available ski rental service,ski and snowboarding school and restaurant.For more detailed information please see 


Meander Skipark:

Ski resorts with 6 ski slopes,1 chair lift,3 ski tows,5,9 well-tended and snowed up tracks.There are 30 km running tracks in the close neighbourhood.Restaurant,snack bar and ski school available.Only few metres from ski slopes there is and aquapark with thermal water.For more detailed information please see 


Ski Centre Vitanová:

1 ski tow 1km long undemanding slope suitable for beginners with the capacity off 520 persons.


Ski resort Zverovka-Spálená:

Ski resort with 5 ski slopes 4,6km long,1 chair lift and 3 ski tows for more or less demanding skiers snowboarders.For more information please see 


Ski resort Janovky:

Available for all categories of skiers.Night skiing available.For more detailed information please  see 


Ski resort Milotín:

Available for beginners,children.Night skiing possible.


Ski centre Brezovica:

6 ski slopes available within the ski area with lenght off 4,5km.Suitable for more or less demanding skiers.


Ski Witów-Pl:

Ski resort suitable especialli for children.It is 10km away from Vitanová in Poland.For more detailed information, please see